Monday, August 2, 2010

Love the pool, hate the pool

For Jeffrey, the thought of  being at the pool was awesome. Especially a warm pool you can see through the sides of. It looks like an aquarium tank. He's just another hippo! However, he started pool therapy last Wednesday and let's just say he dreads it ever since. It's the anticipation of pain. He associates the bathing suit with the pool and the pool with pincare and PAIN!!!
Now, today he fought me to put the bathing suit on, again! So, I just made him put it on. Little did he know our schedule changed and instead of having land therapy first, we headed straight to the pool at 9. The apprehension and fear made him so upset all morning. However, when we got into the shower area we made a deal that we would stay out in the  open area to take off the gauze if he didn't scream and cry. Well, what do you know? He just repeatedly said, "Ouch, Ouchie." This may seem trivial but it was a huge step for all within listening range.
Pool was good, then came post-pool shower time. Then out came the screams I was used to hearing. "Don't touch me!" Oh, and here's a good one, "Daddy!!" Sorry, kid. Calling for daddy while he is 2 hours away will not save you, but I bet it makes daddy feel good :)
Pin care was again the pits. Once it's all done though, our day is all uphill.


  1. He is so stinking cute in the pool with his goggles!

  2. This kid is going to be a star athlete someday and this whole adventure will be a segment on ESPN.

  3. I have great hopes for Jeffrey as a swimmer! I still can't swim!!!!!!!!!