Friday, August 6, 2010

Way to Grow, Jeffrey

Up the elevator to the 2nd floor and into the waiting room. Our appointment was 12:00 and we've heard the horror stories of waiting hours to get in to see the doctor. I was kind of okay with that because  I know Dr. Standard devotes his time to each patient as needed. Luckily, we had the DS. Never thought I'd say that the DS was a Godsend, but waiting and playing a DS made the wait very bearable.

When we saw him around 2ish, after xrays,  we heard all was good! He's grown half an inch in 10 days of turning. The bone growth looks good and he's weight bearing well. He's mister independent.
I don't know how long we'll be down in Baltimore.
We know he needs physical therapy 5 days a week during the turning phase, 3 days a week when we are done turning just waiting for the bone to catch up and heal together. I don't know if we'll find a place close to home that is nearly as good as it is here. They do video tape the session to show any local therapist. It's just a matter of finding a therapist that works with pediatrics and knows what they are doing.
Here are his xrays from before surgery on July 21st and from yesterday's visit, August 5th. Pretty cool!
original 6 cm discrepancy

The fuzzy space in between the bone is growth :)

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