Friday, July 22, 2011

Season Wrap-up

Too cute for words. Gee, can you pick out Jeffrey?
A little fun before the season ends? Why not?!!
Coach Pete set up a fun "practice" before our last game. Check it out:

Hitting water balloons off the tee

Coach Jamie getting hit with water balloons by the team

Jack enjoyed the fun too!
 Jeffrey's 1st tee ball season officially ended on June 4th. He had a blast the whole season long and was, I think, a great teammate. Besides having his physical handicap, if you will, he was the youngest one on the team. Did that stop my big boy from giving it his all?...nope!
He was so genuinely excited to get a trophy. He did this...
He abandoned the snack he was currently eating, ran to sit on homeplate and just stared at his trophy.

In the car on the way home we hear a voice from the back seat, "We won the championship!" "Uh, wow! What makes you think that, buddy?" "Well, we got the trophy!" Okay, Jeffrey you win. Even though in tee ball there is no keeping score because everyone bats/hits and then you switch sides to play a total of 2 innings...sure, you won the championship kiddo!!! :)