Monday, February 2, 2015


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Read in Pre-Op

Proudly wearing his Devon Still jersey
Well, after waking up at 5:45 at Hackerman Patz, heading to the hospital by 6:30, and waiting in the waiting room until 8:40, we finally headed to pre-op. We saw all the necessary people, waited some more watching better TV. I say "better" because in waiting rooms all we had to watch was the awful story of the abduction of the Philadelphia girl and Good Morning America. My poor 8 year old boy!

So, now it's February 2nd, Happy Groundhog Day! Um...Jeffrey's doing great! I had typed a lot more a few months ago but my computer crapped out on me and I gave up! I'm updating now.
Jeffrey took about 2 weeks before he could walk unassisted after his rod was taken out, his 8 plate was put in, and the ankle screw was put in place.
The screws in his knee and ankle are to help straighten the growth of them.
We had a 3-month post op clinic appointment with the almighty Dr. Standard this morning. All went swimmingly. um...mostly. There was a surprise when discussing future surgery plans. We knew there'd be lengthening, but...the new one...pelvic triple osteotomy to deepen the pocket of the hip for the femur. After coming home and talking with the hubby, we both think the summer of 2016 will be best. 3-4 days in hospital stay, 2 weeks at Hackerman Patz, and a 3-month recovery. Yikes! Surprise. We know that Dr. Standard knows best and we trust him whole-heartedly. The man says surgery, we say okay!
 Waiting Room
 RIAO photoshoot for his file
8 plate and ankle screw x-ray