Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opening Day for EGLL


Opening day began with a windy, cool, muddy walk...or should I say hike, to the field by 9am. The parking lots and fields were packed. Jeffrey and Assistant Coach Jamie joined up with the team and waited their turn to walk onto the big kid field for the presentation of all the teams. There were lots of teams!!!

Check out those ears :)

Jeff's team royal blue, "Absolute Landscaping" was dressed and ready to go...only...their game wasn't until 1:30. Hmmm...what to do?? Hang out? Eat? Leave and get warm? play on the blow up slide? So many choices and so much time.
Jeffrey's Man-stance

Jack occupied himself


Jeff occupying his time by rolling around on the ground...just because


What could Jeff possibly request to do? "Can we hit balls, daddy?" That's right, he wanted to practice! Since their wasn't enough room, the boys had a catch. Jeff and Jack got to shoot some hoops.

Jeffrey and Darren "Take one!" JAAAACK!
"Take two!" Cute!
We even ran into our favorite neighbors, the Slimbocks!! Darren had his uniform on for opening day too. Jack and Jeff were so excited to see familiar faces. We joined Darren in line for cotton candy,
then headed home for some warmth, lunch and a potty break.

Back to the fields for the game around 1:15 where we met Grandma already waiting to cheer on her little man. We get all settled to watch. I was about to take out, what camera when I suddenly realized that I left it on the wet bar during our little lunch break. CRAP! MAN!!!
I was so mad at myself. Since when do I go anywhere without my camera? "Fine, suck it up," I tell myself.
Just use the stinky camera on your phone. It's better than no pictures. I really was disappointed in myself.
As we are getting ready for the second inning Aunt JenJen joins us, bigger fan club!
Watching the game is cute and funny. Tee ball is such a beginner's sport. They only play 2 innings. In our case, they squeezed in a third since there was time. Jeff got to play pitcher 2 times. Now, when I say pitcher it just means he stands in that spot. He puts on a cute little "heart guard" to protect his chest. I think he looks like he should be on the swat team. Cute, nonetheless. Jeffrey loves running after the ball in the field. He even ran without the ball and tagged a runner heading to third base. Atta boy, Jeff :)

First at bat

On first base

cheering on team mates
Good Game, Good Game, Good Game...
So, with the game over and Jeff having his team snack of blueberry mini muffins and water he sits with the fam to enjoy a little picnic. Jack was of course chowing on Grandmom and Aunt JenJen's french fries. He asked for more food so I remembered I put the last piece of his left over pretzel in the front compartment of my backpack before we left home. I unzip the bag to get the pretzel and what else was staring me in the face? Wait for it...wait for it...MY FREAKIN' CAMERA!!! That's right! The guilt I'd been feeling the whole game for snapping pictures with my stinky pixeled camera now turned into frustration that I had the stinkin' thing the whole time. GGGrrrr!!!
Well, let's focus on the importance of the day. Jeff rocked the tee ball field! The team did great and so did the coaches! So proud of them all! Can't wait 'til game 2, Thursday night!