Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Checking in and Getting Ready

Hello! Long time, no post!
It's hard to believe that it's been 6 years since Jeffrey's lengthening with the external fixator surgery! 6 years! He was such baby then. Since that time, they've developed a super cool, internal lengthening device, which we'll take advantage when Jeffrey is a teenager.
For now, we plan to have Jeffrey's next surgery on June 29th. We found out in the fall that Jeffrey's hip needs a deeper pocket. The femur head is not resting in a curved pocket on his affected leg. Dr. Standard plans to perform a triple pelvic osteotomy, (hip cut in 3 places and tilted to form a deeper socket). The is the result of his lengthening surgery. Typically, children with this type of limb discrepancy have a surgery to strengthen the hips before lengthening.When he was a baby, his hips were no concern needing surgery before lengthening.
We had an appointment Monday, May 16 at 1:15. We were in and out so quickly! It was impressive. Here is the great doctor's drawing of the surgery in kid terms:
Dr. Standard illustrating what's gonna take place and why
Dr. Standard drew the Femur head and how the hip will be cut and shifted. Then Jeffrey added "butt cheeks"
 We now have a better understanding of what this next surgery will entail. We have to schedule a pre-op physical with the pediatrician and look into directly donating blood. The blood would be used if Jeffrey should need a transfusion. Hip surgery could lead to a lot of blood loss for a child which can be unsafe.  
 Here is Jeffrey's most recent X-ray. His right leg is 5 cm shorter than his left. You can check out his hip and how the "hat" is on the side, not on top like it should be.
For the next month we'll be prepping physically and mentally for the Summer ahead. We'll be at Sinai for 3-4 days following his 4 hour surgery, then possibly a week at Hackerman-Patz. Jeffrey will be non-weight baring for 2-4 weeks, then light weight baring and home stretching. By 8 weeks, he should be ready to get back into sports. This is good news for Fall sports.
We are so blessed to have found Dr. Standard and RIAO!