Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Port Discovery

Posted by mom: (this was one adventure from last week)
Our friends, Stacey and Kevin, drove with us to the inner harbor to visit Port Discovery, a children's museum. We ended up squeezing 2 strollers into the trunk tied down with a bungee cord. We left the wheelchairs behind.

Our first stop was the 3rd floor where they had a Bob the Builder exhibit. We got there just in time to see the real Bob on the 2nd floor. Yea, that makes sense. Let's have the exhibit up one floor and the live character down on another. We nearly missed Bob, but we got our photo op!

Having a child with a disability that limits their activity really opened my eyes. I felt like one of those parents who wanted to get up and complain to some type of management about how the doors aren't handicap accessible and there are some exhibits only reachable by stairs. Some things were even too high up for our 3 and 4 year olds to reach. Luckily, our boys are at the point of post surgery where they can walk/hobble around holding our hands, but that was even tough.

Jeffrey wanted to go up steps to slide down slides. Go for it, kiddo!

He liked playing in the water works section. I was nervous about letting him since he could get his gauze all wet. That would mean, yep, you guessed it, PIN CARE when we got home. Luckily, we emerged with dry legs.

After the water worries of momma, we got to play diner. Jeffrey cooked for me, apron and all. He kept demanding I get out of the kitchen and go be a customer. If only he could cook for real.

This next part was kind of cool, but more for older kids. It was like a mystery house. One section had a mirror that made us look like we disappeared. (Let's see if the video will upload)

We had a good time and all the walking exhausted the boys so much that they fell asleep on the short ride home.

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