Saturday, August 7, 2010


Jeffrey was mad at his Mario dying, again! "Damn it!"

While playing DS:
Mom: Ugh! Mario keeps dying.
Jeffrey: That's okay mom. You can try again, Never give up!

While looking at a magazine:
Jeffrey: She's a gawl (girl).
Mom:  How do you know?
Jeffrey: She's wearing pants and she's got milk utters.

Mom: Let's go to the bathroom before we leave our room.
Jeffrey: Good idea. I really super have to go potty, bad!

Jeffrey: Where's my DS pen??? = This one must get asked at least 5 times a day!

New Person: What's your name?
Jeffrey: Jeffrey Jamers Schwantes

New Person: Where do you live?
Jeffrey: Souf Jawsy. Some people call it New Jersey.

Talking to random strangers and proud of himself he announces: "Look, my knee bar is out! I'm letting my knee hang!"

Mom: What am I gonna do without you next week?
Jeffrey: Play by your own...or with Jack.

Hobbling with no hands to go play on the computer: (mind you it's one room)
"I'm going into the tv room, and the computer room and the exercise room and the chair room and the mouse room."


  1. The "Jeffisms" make me smile. Too cute!

    By the way, the "mouse room"??? No little critters at Peppermint Patty's, I hope.

    Love to the Schwanti.

  2. He's a funny little kid. If you have no one to play with when you come home, you can always come over and play at my house!