Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ping Pong

On the day we arrived Jeffrey played ping pong standing up. On the day we were discharged from the hospital, Jeffrey played ping pong in his wheelchair. On the days following that, Jeffrey played ping pong from a stroller (more portable and comfier than the wheelchair!).

2 days ago Jeffrey insisted on playing ping pong standing up!!!

He used his walker, sometimes. 

He cruised along furniture and the wall, sometimes. 

He walked on all fours, sometimes. He's a nut. 

That's my determined boy! Some of the older kids in the house said he's like a ping pong prodigy. They wanted to give him a foreign name. The name...Jefe (hef-ay). haha!


  1. That's my Jeffie!! A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do! By the way, has he been chewing on that paddle?

  2. Nope, they are all busted up from use. However, if Jack was around he might have bit a few :) Oh, no wait...it's just the ping pong balls he shoves in his mouth!

  3. aww so proud of him! i can't believe how much he's had taken off his shoe already! i want to take a trip down again soon. let me know when it's ok!