Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love, Love, Love Hackerman-Patz

It has been such an interesting journey so far. I couldn't imagine not having the convenience of a house right across the street from the hospital. Therapy, cafeteria, pin care supplies (oops, don't tell Jeffrey I said the "p word"), and most importantly, getting to meet great people in the same situation.
These kids are amazing! I know if I was going through what they are, I would be a whiny mess! Not these kids! Jeffrey hangs out and is having a great time with all the kids here, young and old (okay, when I say old I mean like 15/20). He has grown particularly fond of Kevin, 4,  and Madeline, 3.
You could say I take a few pictures of them together. Lately, we've all been having meals together and just hanging out.
Boys with cars, need I say more?
Zoe, Cullen and Jeffrey
Art time
Dining on spaghetti and chicken nuggets. Thanks, Stacey for cooking :)
Watching Max and Ruby

Today we are going to the children's discovery museum, Port Discovery. Kevin and his mom, Stacey, are joining us. The only issue to try to figure out before we go to fit the 4 of us, plus a wheelchair and jogging stroller into my Honda Civic. Hmmm....any suggestions???

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