Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a bird,...it's a plane...

it's the super kids at Sinai hospital!!! Last Wednesday we felt super when we were invited back up to the pediatric floor of the hospital for some special visitors.

We rolled up, literally, rolled in our stroller, anyway...we rolled up only to see Batman and Robin standing next to Batman's Lamborghini!

Batman and Robin greeted us with cool bracelets (or a more manly term might be...wrist bands). Jeffrey did not want a picture with them. He was just trying to take it all in. Like, who were these guys in tights???  and Why are they trying to give me stuff???
Hey Buddy, how are you today?
After coming to an understanding that Batman is a super hero like Spider-Man and Superman, we were able to go upstairs and see what else was going on. (Side note: to Jamie and Jay, being the non-comic/non-superhero expert I did put them all in the same category. I'm sure that Batman belongs to a different X-men/Marvel/Justice League kind of classification, but I'm not up on that so just bear with me. Thanks)
The elevator which once led us to Jeffrey's post surgery room 5 weeks ago, led us to a super-realm of fun! We even ran into Wonder Woman!
Strike a pose, Wonder Woman

Jeffrey was not reluctant, however, to pose for a photo with Wonder Woman! Interesting!
Batman & Robin
One of our heroines, Ginny :)
Caricature of Jeffrey as a Phillies player
Arm painting: which was face painting. Thank God she suggested his arm!!
After all the pictures and entertainment, we scarfed down some cake, then I had a piece of pizza. I know, wrong order, but it was Papa John's and so yummy looking. Oh, did  I mention free? We also got a superhero goodie bag, a Batman cape, tshirts, and we made a cape for Hannah, the girl who invited us up. She had to have a tumor removed from her hip/femur.
All of this was such a fun afternoon for the kids and adults thanks to  Hope for Henry, which is the charity that sponsored it.
You can also find out more by checking out the hospital's blog: www.lifebridgeblogs.blogspot.com
(On which Jeffrey stole a spot, actually 2. Video and Picture)

We may have even been caught on the ABC news (at the end of the clip)

It really sounds like I'm trying to plug other websites, doesn't it? Sorry, totally unintended. I just wanted to share some good that other people are doing. My little guy just happens to be a part of it :)


  1. A Lamborghini? Seriously? That guy tries too hard.

  2. Lighten up, Superman. It was for the kids!