Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good People

On my drive home yesterday I got to thinking what amazing people I've met in Baltimore. You know how things happen for a reason? Well, we scheduled our surgery at CHOP and then after hearing about Dr. Standard we decided to venture to MD see what the RIAO (Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics) had to offer. There was no question that that was where we were meant to be. Dr. Standard is great and the facility had so much to offer. Where else could you stay and be treated just like so many other kids with the same disability??
Jeffrey has made so many new friends and so have we. The kids and parents have the same worries, some have the same troubles and we bond over them. When it's time to leave and be home for good I am truly going to miss all the wonderful people we have come to consider like family!

Kristen, at the play room in pediatrics
Brita, our 1st physical therapist
Zoe and Chris
Cullen, who taught Jeffrey how to set up his DSi
BRACH!!!!! :)
Madeline and Kevin
Dr. Standard, the best doc!
Gideon! :)
Jackie, Gideon's mom (Jeff took this picture)

Diva Ginny from Tupelo, Mississippi
Ms. Sunni, a pt (Ms. Kym: not pictured yet)

 Big Al, the lifeguard. What a nice guy :)
Mr. Moshe, PT

Ms. Virginia, Ginny, Brach (pict'd up higher, Brent (not pict'd)

I'm sure the list will grow as we meet more people 
(and I take more pictures of the people we already met :)

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