Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Fixatored: (fix*a*tor*ed): verb past tense
To be scraped, scratched, bumped or bruised by a fixator.
ex: Many people and things have been fixatored in the past 2 months by Jeffrey.
Please see photographs below:
thigh scrape
leg bruises
The fridge (the rug is reflected in the black fridge)
toilet seat
Jeffrey even fixatored his own thumb during an intense game of Wii :(

That thing is dangerous. He should need a permit to carry it. If you see a fixator coming your way, just be sure to keep your distance. It comes at you at fast speeds and can cause significant damage.
If you or someone you know has been fixatored, just know you are not alone! 
I feel your pain, literally!


  1. Jeff fixatored me today and then said..."that's for taking my train". Little bugger...

  2. Keep taking these pictures - I see a picture book in the future :o)