Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Attempting to maintain sanity today

"Mom, I love you." Thank God for comments like that from Jeffrey. If he didn't randomly chime in during the day with cuteness I might really lose it!!!
We rolled into the HP last night around 10:15. (Thank you, Jamie, for helping keep me awake on the phone!) Jeff had fallen asleep around 9 in the car. We unloaded and he wanted to climb right into bed, only the bed wasn't made. I wanted new sheets for after the weekend so he had to wait til I made the bed. Then he needed me to cuddle with him. Even though I was planning to unpack and get the clothes and pool/shower supplies ready for the next day, I fell asleep.
Okay, fine, I must've needed the sleep, but then since apparently my phone battery was almost dead my alarm never went off. Luckily, my internal alarm went off and we were up in time to get to PT by 8:00.
Since my dead phone needed charging I brought it and the charger with us so I could juice up the battery. Well, I plug it in and a message pops up, "Unauthorized charger." REALLY??? Why would I have a charger that my phone isn't compatible with? Jamie doesn't have the same type! What did I bring? I'm glad I had my car charger.
So after land therapy we got ready for pool and unwrapping the gauze was awful. He cried and screamed. Pool was fine, then pincare. Dear God, pincare! Well, it was horrible today. He was back to his screaming again. He worked himself up crying so much that he was gasping for breath and he was soaked with tears. The therapist and I thought one of the pinsites looked iffy. That meant we should start antibiotics for a possible infection. Antibiotics that he'll take 4x a day for 10 days. Ugh!
So... after the torture of pincare we headed back to the HP. He didn't want to talk to anyone and he just kept crying. He calmed himself down and we ate some pb&j for lunch.
He said he was up for a trip to Target so we could get some food. How foolish was I to believe him?! After about 10-15 minutes we were in Target's snackbar getting a nasty hard pretzel and a blue Icee, that of course overflowed with carbonation all over the floor. The trip through Target was short lived because Jeffrey started to cry and complain of pain. He just kept crying and said he wanted to leave. Once we grabbed stuff we made our way to the 10 items or less aisle. (I had like 14 items. Yea, I was that person.) I needed out with my crying child. Did I mention he can't sit in a cart b/c he can't fit? I push him in a jogging stroller which doesn't have tons of grocery storage. The items are bagged and before I grab them all I attempt to take one last sip of my blue Icee. I go to swish it around in the cup and the watery part splashes out all down my leg, arm and one of the plastic bags. Mind you, Jeff crying, people behind me waiting, gotta pick up bags, Icee dripping... UGH! I just wanted to drop everything and cry. It would've been great if I did that and just yelled with my arms in the air, "I GIVE UP!"
Alas, we made it back to HP. Jeff fell asleep in the back seat of the car. There goes his nap. We are now laying in bed watching a video. I gave him pain meds and antibiotics (FYI: he usually only gets pain meds in the morning before therapy and at night) Hopefully, he'll be feeling better and more social for craft night tonight.
You know when you're frustrated you just want to flip out at the person making you crazy? (ex: "Mom, I think I do want my pain medicine." Okay, so I stop rubbing his leg, get up from the bed and get the meds. "MOM! You're not rubbing my leg!!" Breathe, Jill, breathe. He's only 3. "I know, honey, I have to get your medicine first and I'll be right back." "RUB MY LEG! WAHHHHH!" Give meds, rub leg..."Mom, that feels good. I love you.") and Mom's back :)

Sorry, no pictures! Yea, it was that kind of day! If I didn't take pics you KNOW it was rough!


  1. Hang in there, my friend.

    Sounds like you'll be home again in South Jersey soon and maybe things can return to some kind of normalcy.

    Really though you are all handling this with such love and grace.
    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Jill, I'm not sure who I feel worse for, you or him! Hang in there, hopefully you'll be home soon and we can all give you a hand (with something!)

  3. Ok, now I'm laughing and crying.

  4. Pincare sounds like Chinese torture for all of you! Jeff is amazing, considering he is only 3 years old and going through such a painful process! I can't imagine my grandkids going through something like this? Jill and Jamie, I have only knew the two of you as great teachers, now I know you are even better at parenhood! Both Jeffrey and Jack are so blessed! Pat, also called Nanny

  5. The end of that story made me shed a tear. It just makes everything you do worth it :) I just said to Rob tonight, it's amazing how mad and frustrated I can be at Mandi one minute and then love her more than ever the next <3 Can't wait til you guys are home!!!

  6. Thanks guys! Sometimes ya just need to vent to someone when it's just "one of those days". But, I couldn't vent to a 3 year old, so my someone was "anyone who reads the blog" :)
    @ Pat: every time I read "Patricia" I have to stop and think who that is, Patricia? I don't think I've ever called you Patricia. :)
    Jen, we know that everything we do has to be worth it. I think every parent feels that way about their kids, right, mom? :)
    Thank you all for your constant support and love!!!