Monday, September 6, 2010


This weekend was known as the "somewhat back to normal weekend" in that the boys did a lot of tackling and Jeffrey got to play baseball outside.

Jack tackles dad, Friday

Home to tackle dad, Friday
Being silly reading together, Friday
Dinner with friends at the Pappalardo's, Saturday. What happens if I touch this part? haha 
Throwing, Sunday
Batting, Sunday

Jump on dad, Monday morning
Visit with fam, Monday

All in all, this weekend was a nice end to the official Summer vacation. It's so strange knowing that the rest of my district, including my wonderful hubby, is starting school tomorrow with students. It's my first time in 9 years of teaching that I will not start the year. Meanwhile, I will be taking Jeffrey to a local PT eval to see if we can get therapy lined up for being home. Then...$15 in tolls later, we'll be back in Baltimore.

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