Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 accomplishments in one day

Excuse me while I boast about yesterday's accomplishments:

1. I beat the final Bowser and the whole game of Super Mario Brothers on Jeffrey's DSi.

2. I baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

3. I food shopped in the thunderstorm with a metal cart at 10pm. (There's no way I can take a fixator child and a baby to the grocery story. a = I can't fit them in a cart with groceries, b =I don't know when we'd get there.)

Thank you, thank you!!!

P.S. (just so I can add a picture...we'll add another accomplishment. 4. I made Jack E. look like Hermie the elf/dentist from Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.)


  1. That was supposed to be my hat. :o(

  2. Hey, being a stay at home mom is more than playing DSi and dressing your kids up to look like movie freaks! Oh, I guess #s 2 and 3 fit the mold though. Ha ha ha,

    So, I've been rethinking the "awful...awful..." quote and it's not quite right (it just sounds really funny). It should be something like 'hard, challenging, difficult, challenging, challenging, challenging...rewarding like nothing else' kind of verbage.

    How's therapy been going? Different? I find myself walking up that hill of thinking stuff like 'in Baltimore they.....' and fretting a bit and then on up over thinking, 'Ok, what they're doing is good and ok, just different'

    It's been much more difficult for us to stay on top of pin care too. Are you changing every day? Gid has some that I make sure I change and some I don't. I miss having the supplies on a tray in an at least mostly sterile setting that I haven't been able to recreate (where are all the chuks when you need them?) And I have to use my own stuff (although I'm sure we were paying for them there, it felt good anyway).

    Miss you Jill.