Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Own Version of Groundhog Day

So...Jeffrey did see his shadow today which means 6 more weeks of turning!!!
Playing Hotwheels

We had our clinic appointment at 9:45 today with Dr. Standard, which means we saw him at about 11:15, which is quicker than usual. Anyway, we took standing xrays today, which is different than usual. And..drumroll blocks under the fixator leg!!! Yay!! Woooo!(That just means, he's getting closer to even).
We are now at 4.3/4.4 cm of growth. Sweet!
A Standing Xray! 4.3 cm of growth (he's crooked b/c he's holding on to me)
I asked how much longer Dr. Standard thinks we'll be turning and he replied with, "About 6 more weeks." I don't know why that seems like so long to me. I mean, I really was thinking only a few more weeks. But, now that I process it, by talking to Jamie and he said it's only like 1.5 more months, it makes more sense. If we were still turning at a rate of 4x a day then, it would probably be less time. We are down to 3x a day to maintain a decent ROM on his knee. (That's my fancy PT acronym for "range of motion")
One downer of the visit is that one of his pinsites is forming a "halo" in the xray. This means that it could be coming loose. The doctor says he'll keep an eye on it and if we need to, it'll just be a minor surgery to put him under and replace the pin. Yea, okay! I love how taking out a screw and sticking a new one into my son's femur is just minor surgery now!
So, all in all I guess our visit was good. We are hopefully going home for good this Friday. We need to have PT lined up at home. Let's  hope our insurance gets moving and approves us for it really soon!
I think that's all I have to report for today. Sorry, I haven't updated since my venting rant last Wednesday. All good now :)
Love my big boy!!!



  2. Just wanted you to know that your strength and determination to keep a positive outlook is really inspiring. The process sounds like torture, but yet your pictures and stories about friends and activities make me smile! Keep hanging in there! :-)

  3. Uh! Posting as anonymous sounds creepy! That last comment was from me. You guys know I learn this tech stuff very slowly. I'm not sure I've ever even done a posting on a blog before. Yeah, pathetic, huh? :-)

  4. No matter how much 'trouble' Jeffery is... I can't help it, but I love that kid.

    PS Is that supposed to be a fig leaf? Gid's was a turtle! Who picks these things and what are they thinking?