Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wait, wait, wait

After our 3 hour drive, yes, 3 HOURS in rain, moisture and traffic we made it to Sinai. We waited in traffic. I brought my mom with us to meet Dr. Standard and hang with us for the day. I'm really glad she came. : )
We planned to have 8am physical therapy with Sunni, but our 8am arrival turned into an 8:54 arrival. So, we made poor Sunni wait. Luckily, she was able to see him for a little bit and get his measurements. He got 60 degrees on his knee, which is awesome!!!! We are really happy about that. His hip is at -10 degrees which is what it was when we left, so that's good too. Good PT eval. A+ report card :)
Then we elevate to the 2nd floor to wait. We got our pictures, xrays. Then we went to a room to... yep, you guessed it, wait.

The longer Jeff waits, being the energetic 3/4 year old that he is, the worse his behavior gets. My mom says he was really good. I think he was a show-off for her and the Dr. I'm trying to listen and he is ripping the paper and waving it like a madman with pompoms.
We met with Dr. Standard and took a look at the xrays. Jeffrey is now 2 inches, 5.2 cm, taller. I thought we would hear, " 4 more weeks of turning." Since 2 weeks ago we heard 6 more weeks. Well, it turns out we are looking to get as much length as we can maybe even 8cm. Yea, doubt we are gonna survive to turn that long. Jeffrey is asking to have the fixator off already. He will be keeping it on for about 4 more months. Little does he know how long that can be. Especially when 4 more months means like 120 more days of pincare! Ahhhh!

We visited Hackerman-Patz to see Ms. Amy and Mr. Bill and any other friends we may have missed. Jeffrey wacked around the pingpong ball with grandmom. We even got to see our buddy, Kevin. He is officially done turning/lengthening. He got locked down yesterday.

We ate lunch at the cafeteria. We were privileged to eat with our favorite lifeguard, Big Al! :)
We got on the road and made it home...without waiting!!!!! Not raining, no traffic...smooth ride :)
All in all, good visit and we go back October 7th.


  1. What did the Doc say about the pin 'halo'?

  2. Jill Needs a new camera!!! Please help her! Read below....

    New commenter here... I am Jackie's husband and Gideon's father if you have followed this blog. We met the Schwantes while in Baltimore. I write this post, because while I was looking over my wife's shoulder when she was writing an email to Jill, I read that Jill had a broken camera. My wife and I can relate to the limited funds for such an expense with all the medical bills etc.

    I am writing to let you know this in hopes that someone(s) out there reading this would help out and make sure this caring mother would be able to continue taking pictures of this historic event. No one asked me to write this, but we were the beneficiary of Jills happy trigger finger with the camera, and many of our pictures on our son's blog are from Jill.

    Not sure who will answer this call, or how you will make it happen, but I trust it will happen.

    Blessings to you ahead of time!

    Doug Cornfield...