Monday, September 20, 2010


Today marked the first day of my "stay-at-home mommyhood". I got up, saw Jamie off to work, the boys and I ate breakfast (well, the boys wore their oatmeal but hopefully some got in their mouths), we played, did pincare, had lunch, went to PT.
While in therapy Jack and I power walked around the outside of the facility so I can make some good use of that 50 minutes in therapy. Yes, my thighs were itchy and burning from the strangeness of real exercise. I figured if Jeffrey's working, I should too. ( Had to work off the Mack & Manco's Pizza and Johnson's Popcorn from Sunday in OCNJ and the cotton candy, hot dog and pretzel at the Phillies game on Saturday.) (an aside: Thank you to the Stumpfs for the tickets :)
We had a busy, fun-filled weekend home.
Phanatic Statue (Jeffrey, Jamie, Cousin Kyle)

National Anthem

Yelling the Phils to victory

Jeff had a good PT session. Somehow he got 65 on his knee ROM (range of motion)! Woohoo! Let's hope this is the same way they measure in Baltimore. When we left on Friday morning his ROM was 52 degrees or so. The hip and knee ROM are our biggest concerns. We need to maintain flexion in both. We go back to Baltimore on Monday the 27th for our next clinic visit and xrays. My, how's he's grown! :)

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  1. Welcome home, Jeffrey and Jill! It's good to have you back in South Jersey.