Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feet, Trains and Tears...

Life continues to roll on over here at H-Ps and Jeff is, well uh...Jeff.

FEET: Jeff has decided to become the unofficial foot police in the house as he reminded a H-Ps rookie that the house has a "no bare feet" rule in the common area.  Unfazed, the woman continued on her bare foot stroll through the house.  Jeff's response..." it's gonna smell like feet in here." I hid in embarrassment, Jeff just continued on his way.

TRAINS:  We have been having a good time with a Thomas train and some tracks that came in one of Jeff's packages...the trains go everywhere, they even tried to go into the bathroom with him.  Check out our little "movie" of one of our train adventures.
TEARS:  Jeff has proven to me that he is one of the toughest little buggers I have ever seen.  The H-Ps house is full of kids like Jeff...more heart and courage than you can shake a stick at.  We continue to fight through pin care and physical therapy with some tears and screams but Jeff soldiers on.  But as my big brother says, "everyone cries in therapy."  

Gotta go now and finish up dinner so that Jeff can go out and enjoy art night...we're making pirate ships and surf boards...


  1. Yay for ART NIGHT!!! Have fun!!!!

  2. LOVE the video and your post!
    Love, mom

  3. Good job guys.

  4. Super job guys!!
    Love you all sooo much.

    Grandma Marcia

  5. Bradley!!! Nice one. I hope you are enjoying your time to write. Good blogs here.

  6. My grandson loves Thomas, too! I know all the trains intimately! My favorite is Annie, yes, a female train! Jeff is such a fighter! I am so impressed with his desire to do it all! Pat

  7. Hey guys, I have loved reading the blog. Great idea. Glad Jeff is doing so well.
    Ginny D'Aiutolo