Monday, August 9, 2010

Changing of the guard...

Since the beginning of this journey,  Jill has been  keeping everyone up to date with the going ons of Jeffery James and his "magic" leg.  This weekend saw a changing of the guard.  Jill has returned to her home planet, New Jersey (South Jersey according to Jeff), and I have set up shop at the Hackerman-Patz outpost, ready to care for Jeff and this Blog.                                       
That's right, the boyz are on there own here at "Peppermint-Patz" so let the wild rumpus begin...


  1. Good luck! Hope it goes well for the boys!

  2. I wonder who took that pic before she left? Hmmm...
    I feel naked without my camera.
    Love and miss you guys!!! Good first official blog, honey!

  3. I have a feeling Peppermint Pat's will never be the same!

    (I'm just saying....)

  4. Try to keep up. Sounds like they move real fast down there!