Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too much shoe hype!

Dad came home last weekend with the news that we'd be shopping for new shoes for Jeffrey. And not just any shoes...well, yea, ANY shoes since we didn't need a lift! SWEET!
So being the non-thinking mother I am, I mention light up shoes, since he could never have them when he had lifts. Bad move, dummy! The notion of only getting "light-up shoes" was stuck in my poor child's mind.
"These shoes are cute, Jeff." "Do they light up?" he asks. Nope.
Moving on.
Jack, however, really enjoyed the trek through the mall

Poor Jeffrey kept trying on light-up shoes, when we could find them, only to be let down each time. None in "wide", too heavy, out of stock... the list goes on.
Finally we settle on a pair of New Balance shoes, which look like big boy shoes to me. He gave in because he refused to go home without having purchased new shoes.
50 dollars later...
These ones don't light up : (


  1. what about the light up shoes gammom found for him??

  2. They are great! She did make him happy with those! Sorry, Gammom, and thanks again!