Saturday, July 31, 2010


3 = the number of times I just stabbed my finger while sewing on one snap at 12:45 am

4 = the number of times I've been peed on, so far, while holding Jeffrey's leg as he sat on the potty!

15= approximate number of times we've eaten out the last 2 weeks (no oven or stove at the house, plus who has time to cook?)

383= number of pictures I've taken, so far, since the day of Jeffrey's surgery ( I'm slacking)

46 = amount in dollars we've spent on tolls in the last 2 weeks traveling to Baltimore, MD

70 = the amount in dollars we spent for our first pharmacy visit for meds and a FEW medical supplies (i.e. saline, gauze)

4 = number of care packages Jeffrey received between Tuesday and Friday (He LOVES them all! and the cards too, of course! Well, he just throws the cards, I enjoy reading them and knowing people are thinking of us)

100 = approximate number of times Jeffrey said, "I can do it myself" usually followed by, "Watch!... See I told you I could do it!"

Can you top my stats? What have you been up to?


  1. Jamie Schwantes (Dad)August 1, 2010 at 4:50 AM

    120ish...the amount of minutes Jack screamed driving to and from Baltimore

    27...the amount of goldfish Jack shoved in his mouth at one time.

    13...the amount of times Jack turned the t.v. off and on while Jeff and I watched the Incredibles.

    1,000,000ish...the amount of smiles Jack flashed this weekend.

    1...the amount of times Jeff climbed out of his bed last night and walked out to the t.v. room to put off having to go to bed.

    3...the amount of times I called the Air Conditioning guy for a service call (he never came and am now searching for a new AC guy).

    4...the amount of times I said "Jeff, you're gonna give me heart attack", which he he responded "no I'm not gonna give you a heart attack, silly daddy"

    1...the amount of times I was peed on by Jeffrey while holding him on the potty (once is enough, his is now on his own on the potty, he can support his own darn fixator).

    5...the amount of days until I get to see Jeff and Jill again. I will miss them something awful...

  2. 6...the number of times I've asked Luke to put his clothes away. Just today. And it's still not done!

    13...the number of posts I've enjoyed at 1 Millimeter @ a Time :)

    30...the approximate number of Nutter Butter Bites I finished off while reading the two most recent posts

    2...the number of times I cringed when I read about you guys getting peed on

    7...the number of times I smiled while reading your stats

  3. @ Jamie: I LOVE you!!!

    @ Susie: :) Cute :)

    @ all: add to the original stats as of today...+2 to being peed on, b/c now it's funny to Jeffrey, the little bugger and +1 to care packages and +10 to "I can do it by myself!!" That boy!!!!