Friday, July 23, 2010

"I can do it, I know I can!"

Words from one tough 3 year old. We wheeled back from the playroom for lunch (mind you, he likes to wheel himself) and he wanted to get back into bed to eat.
Jamie and I prepare to hoist Jeffrey to his bed, when Jeff says, "I wanna do it." Uh, okay, just how is that gonna happen, I wondered. Then as if he could read my thoughts, he spouts out, "I can do it! I know I can!"
1st time standing with the help of Dad and Brita, PT

We love that he is determined and don't want to discourage him from doing things he sets his mind to. So...we attempted to support him in his endeavors to stand. He did it with lots of help since he still has the epidural in and his legs feel funky. He got a little freaked out and we got him back into bed. I'm telling you, even though I look down at him, I look up to him!
Today was a good day. He had breakfast,  blew some bubbles and a pinwheel, had PT, played Madagascar again on XBOX 360, shot some hoops with both hands (even the weak one that has the IV), took some oral meds and got a lollipop :) He is now resting from his morning of excitement.
Rest, baby, rest


  1. That's one strong little boy!

  2. Brita? Like the water filters? He's like bionic boy. Max says hi, Jeff.

  3. Hi guys!

    Love the blog!

    Jeff is such a strong little guy!

    Sending prayers and love your way,
    Gina Hicks