Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's good to see, some things never change

Only a few hours home and Jeffrey was already climbing on the couch with his cars and playing baseball with daddy. The comments from his parents?..."oh, ...ow...I don't think you
Jeff?...What are you...? Maybe you shouldn't..." We figured just let him be. He's 3!
Boys back together
Giving mom and dad a heart attack
Saturday morning the fam had a breakfast outing to the Hollywood Diner. It went very well, if I do say so myself. Jeffrey walked with his walker all the way to the car, in the parking lot and through the diner, in and out. Everyone we saw was overly nice once they saw the little child with a disability. (side note: imagine if the whole world acted that way to everyone all the time. Boy, would this world be a different place. Granted, I'm guilty of over niceness in those situations too. Something to think about, I guess)
At Hollywooooooood
Then today he was reluctant to swim in Grandma's pool because that meant pin care, duhn, duhn, duhnnnnn! Pin care = pain! Swimming is something he once enjoyed that he has to learn to enjoy again; one baby step at a time.

He ended the day with a little PT time with daddy. Also, I helped him beat some boards on Super Mario. Brought back some good memories :)

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