Friday, July 23, 2010

Notice anything different about me?

Here is a picture of Jeffrey. Other than the fact that he is clearly in a tv coma, do you notice anything different?? No??? It's good that you don't since the epidural is now OUT!!! Woohoo! We are watching Madagascar and relaxing. Hopefully, we'll ALL be headed back to "Peppermin-Pats" tomorrow. No more hospital! We can go mingle with the other kids and feel somewhat normal again. Well, as normal as you can be with an "excavator" attached to your leg.  What is an excavator? you may wonder. If you looked it up it would tell you it's a type of digging truck. To Jeffrey the word  "excavator" now has a new meaning. It's what he's named his "external fixator".
I love how he renames things. He's renamed the Hackerman-Patz house and yesterday he renamed the Occupational Therapist. Her name is Retu, but he calls her Rintoo, like from Ni Hao Kai-Lan.
He is also a sweetie in that he offers food to random people. The anesthesiologist, Leo, came in to take the epidural catheter out and Jeffrey offered him a carrot from his dinner plate. Leo requested the chocolate brownie cupcake, but Jeff was reluctant to give it up. Can't deny he's my son.
He is my big boy! He keeps randomly saying, "Mom,.....I love you!" 
Madagascar is now over and we are about to snack on a little Rice Krispie treat and chocolate milk before the next dose of pain meds. Then read a story, tell a pretend story and go to sleep :) Let's pray that his night goes well. Talk to ya tomorrow.
P.S. We miss you, Jack E. boy!!! Mommy, Daddy and Jeffrey will see you soon!

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