Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Sunday

Sunday was another day of 1sts. We had our first outing and our first visitors.
We wanted to get out. Hmm...where could we go that's reasonably affordable and had the stuff we needed?? Where else, but Walmart?!
Playing with his arm rest that we took off so he could fit in his booster
 We loaded Jeffrey into a stifling hot car, the wheelchair in the trunk, and ourselves in the front seat of a car we hadn't sat in since Tuesday. The trip was successful, but Jeffrey was rubbing his eyes before we even got to the store. It's about a 10 minute drive.
When we arrived back at the house around 12:45, Grandmom, Poppy and Jack E. were waiting for us at the door.
Jack wasn't quite sure what to think of that contraption
 It was so good to see everyone. We all enjoyed lunch together and went back to the house until like 9ish. The kids played and Jeffrey used his walker a bit (which was awesome!!!!) He saw other kids doing it and he wanted to. Ahhh..the positive side to peer pressure :)
Trucks with little brother, Jack
Walking with Daddy
Being silly with Grandmom
Then, after dinner, the boys watched a little tv in the common area.
Jeffrey, Poppy, Jack, Jamie
Sadly, Jeffrey and I said goodbye to Daddy that night. He'll be back for a visit on Tuesday. We can't wait! Is it Tuesday yet???


  1. Boy, Jeffrey is quite the hero! I can't believe how well he deals with this! This blog helps all of us to realize how lucky we all have it! Jamie and Jill, you are the very best! Pat

  2. Thanks, Pat. You're not so bad yourself :) He totally is a rockstar!

  3. I hear he is looking forward to some more visitors tomorrow. Lucky Jeffrey!