Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Little Experiment

I am conducting an experiment for my own sanity and the safety of my children.
The moodiness, crankiness and whining can't be tolerated anymore.
So....I've decided to cut the tv and the DSi by a lot!
No more "wake up and cuddle in Mom and Dad's bed and watch tv while mom closes her eyes again."
Instead, mom gets her fat butt up and plays and eats breakfast early.
After a little knee hanging and Wii, we do....PINCARE!
If it's "horrible" and Jeffrey screams then no DS during exercises. He can cry and tell me how horrible it is, but if he screams and pushes me away, no DS.
So, we did pincare and... he got no DS. The exercises were actually better without it, though :)
*I started typing this mid-day...before Jeff's pre-PT meltdown! Let me explain...Since Jeffrey's surgery was in the summer he's been wearing shorts and I had altered them to have velcro or snaps down the side, all good. Now, the cold is setting in and he needed to wear pants. Monday was his first experience with pants and a fixator. Mom did not sew the pants on Sunday night like she thought she would. Instead,  she was on FB and doing who knows what. Come Monday all I had was a pair of khaki pants cut up the right side. I dressed Jeff after his shower and pincare. I slipped on his pants and he was not happy. Not only did I not secure the side but I did not hem them either. Sooo...I had to roll them up and safety pin the bottom and sides. WELL, let me tell you...this set him off! "I DON"T WANT TO WEAR THESE PANTS!!!! THEY'RE TOO BIG!!"  A crying fit ensued, a very loud crying fit. In unison with that, Jack refused to let me put his shoes on and he started crying. "Oh, dear Lord!" I thought to myself. We made it out the door with 2 screaming kids. We were a little late for PT, of course. We get there and Jeff had finally calmed himself down and started talking to me again. He continued to remind me of how he did not want to wear the pants. We are waiting for our therapist, she comes out and Jeffrey loses it! CRAP! "I want my mom! I don't want to go do ferapy" He starts hanging on me and then as if on cue, Jack starts in too! I reassure him and send him on his way, "Jeff, you'll do great. I'll be right here the whole time waiting. I'll see you soon." Poor kid!
So, day one of the experiment started out well, then I got selfish and wanted to shower while Jack was napping so I stuck on the "All About" video. TV! Bad move, mom.
In my defense, I really needed a shower. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had showered. It's been raining and I hadn't left the house.

Well, here it is day 2 of less tv. I have to say, today was a better day all around. He did cry going into therapy, but it wasn't b/c he didn't like his pants. Mom actually hemmed and put velcro on his new red swooshy pants. (Too bad I hemmed them too short. You can only notice when he sits ;)

Tomorrow we have our PT appointment in Baltimore at 8am and our clinic visit at 9am. It is now 12:45am and I have my alarm set for 5 so we avoid most of the rush hour traffic we hit 2 weeks ago. Let's hope we hear some good news tomorrow!


  1. You go, Jill!! You get an "A" for effort, regardless!