Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Baskets, Batman!

Friday night, wait it was Saturday morning technically,  I pulled away from my mom's house at 1am being so extra grateful for all the love and support people are giving us!!! Family, friends and total strangers included!!!
My sister Jen, my mom, Aunt Nancy and my cousin Kristen all hung out to group together, arrange, label, and type up the contents of all the baskets and items donated. My poor and wonderful mother volunteered not only her time but her house for our basket nights. We started building baskets just in the living room, then it seeped into the dining room, creeped into the kitchen and last night it wrapped around into the recroom :) Sorry Momma, love you :)

Sunday night was centerpiece painting and more basket arranging night. We currently have over 60 baskets to auction off for the basket auction.
Plus, we have bigger ticket items like jewelry, a shore house for the weekend, Phillies tickets for 2010-2011 season..and more :)
I'm really excited!!! I can't believe how quickly October 22nd "A Night for Jeffrey" has gotten here. Never did I realize what a huge outpouring of love and support would come out of it. Thank you all so much!!!
Much love!
These guys busted their butts on many late nights!!! Thanks!
Kristen and Aunt Nancy: the basket experts!
My big sister, Jen making labels
The basket crew, night 1


  1. I'd do ALMOST anything to help my big 4-year-old boy, and his brother and Mama and Daddy, too! He's worth all the messiness and craziness of my household these few weeks. Can't wait til he's back to his little old happy-go-lucky self!!!

  2. Thinking of you all after your exciting and busy weekend.