Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dialogue with Jeffrey

All these people get reality tv shows. Why not follow around a family that's "normal" ...well that's debatable, "normal" meaning with no special fame? I think our life is rather entertaining!!! Please, do enjoy!

Getting ready for his nap:
Jeff: "When are you going to cover me up? Oh, I mean, can you please rub my leg?"

Lying in bed:
Jeff: "Look, mom, I turned over on my side. Now, my butt is facing you. Oh, and my back. Can you please scratch it? I really appreciate that!"

Cuddling in bed:
Jeff: "Mom, can you rub my leg?"
*Mom rubs leg under covers*
Jeff: "Not that leg, mom. My fixator leg."
Mom: "Right. Oops."

Sitting at the breakfast table:
Jeff:"Mom, it's on fire, my pinsites! You're gonna have to call the fire apartment to cool it off!"

Pre-breakfast convo:
Mom: "What would you like for breakfast, boys?"
Jeff: "Pancakes!"
Mom: "Well, I have to make them."
Jeff:"I'm okay with that!"

*Jeff sticking the fork into this thigh at the dinner table*
Dad: "Stop poking yourself with that fork. You don't need any more holes in your legs!"

Mom: "Jeffrey, I'm going to make you a dentist appointment. You need to start going."
Jeff: "Why?"
Mom: "Well, they clean your teeth and make sure they stay healthy."
Jeff: "Why they gonna clean my teeth? They aren't dirty."

At the table during lunch:
Jeff: " Can you please rub my leg?"
Mom: "If your leg hurts at the table, you can rub it. I am eating."
Jeff: "You can use your right hand to rub since you're not using it to eat."

Driving in the car after PT:
Jeff: "Mom, where are we?"
Mom: " In Washington Township."
Jeff: "Hey, mom! That's where the president lives!"
(When we were in Baltimore we talked about maybe taking a train down to Washington D.C. to see where the president lives. Boy this kid remembers a lot!)

While listening to the radio in the car:
Mom: "Hey, Jeffrey! Do you hear the electric guitar playing in this song?"
Jeff: "No one is playing it."
Mom: "What do you mean? I know you can't see the artist, but someone is playing it"
Jeff: "If it's 'electric' that means it plays by itself, like my Thomas trains."
*Where does he come up with this stuff? I love it!*

Driving in the car snacking on animal crackers:
Jack: *sitting silently squirreling away cookies in his cheeks*
Mom:" Chew, chew Jack E."
Jeffrey: "I don't see a train."
Mom: "What, Jeff?"
Jeffrey: "You said, choo-choo and I don't see a train."
Mom: "OOOOOh. No, not choo-choo. I told Jack to chew and I said it two times. haha"

Waiting with Jeffrey at our clinic appointment last week trying to play Game Cube:
Mom: "Jeff, it's not working. It says, "The disk can't be read."
Jeff: "Let me see it."
I took the cd out and showed him it may have had scratches.
Jeff looking confused: "It's not RED!"

At Walmart: We passed the electronics section where I was going to buy printer ink. We were at the bread section.
Mom: " Aw! I forgot to get ink. Oh well."
Jeff: "Let's go get it."
Mom: "I don't feel like walking all the way back there."
Jeff: "Mom, you really could use the exercise, ya know."


  1. leave to the kids to tell u the truth!!! gotta love em!

  2. He's such a riot. I can totally see those conversations. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  3. Jeff's favorite thing to say to me lately..."Dad, Mommy's in charge."
    Yes buddy, thanks for the reminder :)