Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jeffrey Had a Loose Screw On His Birthday

We all have a few loose screws, right? Well, Jeffrey LITERALLY had a screw loose. On the morning of his birthday, knowing we still had to go to my mom's to make up baskets before the beef and beer, I was rushing to get both boys bathed and pincare over with. Well, they were both bathed successfully. Of course, Jeffrey was screaming as usual, in the shower. After his shower, he's on my bed and I'm starting to dry his fixator off. I was about to wrap him with the gauze when I heard chink, chink. Hmmm..what could that be? I wondered. Upon further inspection of his bottom pinsites I discovered a screw that was out of place. The arch was totally detached from the bottom tibial pin.
If you look right in the middle of the pic you'll see the screw not attached

AAAHHHH! Panic set in but I didn't want Jeffrey to know I was freaking out on the inside. I tried to remain calm for his sake. I called, texted, picture texted Dr. Standard. I then called Jamie at work to tell him of our morning. We talked about driving down to Baltimore right away. I was afraid to even move Jeff and he was still naked and unwrapped. Luckily, Dr. Standard called me back within 10 minutes. (Meanwhile, Jack is roaming around the house doing who-knows-what. He comes back into the bedroom with a tampon and the wrapper from my purse. He was flying it like it was an airplane. Jeff then wanted a stringy thing. Uh...NO!!! "Jack, give that to me, it's not a toy!!" WAAAHHHHH!" Great! now 2 crying kids! Awesome) I attempted to listen very carefully to Dr. Standard. He asked if I had a 10 wrench and I just happened to have one. Whew. So, I set to work putting the screw back in place and tightening it.
Screwing it back in. Of course I had to take pics!

Looks like crisis was avoided that morning. Then off to mom's we went for a great rest of our birthday day. Craziness!

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