Monday, November 22, 2010

You HAVE TO eat that bacon before you get any apples or grapes!

Post Jeffrey shower (reason for being naked while Jack is in fleece)
Jeffrey had his 4 year old check-up at the pediatrician last week. I love going there because Jeffrey is like a celebrity now. The nurses and receptionists all know him because of his fixator. Some saw him in the paper. They all ask how his leg is doing. His response...? GREAT!
I brought his walker with us since he's been using it to get around the house after the most recent surgery. He had been scooting on his butt (which covered his velcro-sided pants with Cooper fur! Eww!) Then he gradually moved onto using his walker. Our main concern with his walking is when he sticks his left hip up and out to accommodate for his right hip not extending fully and we remind him to keep his right foot straight. His foot really turns in, but we think it's because of his flexible ankle due to the Fibular Hemimelia (FH). Wow, that lead to a slight tangent. Anyway, we go into the pediatrician with his walker. As soon as we get called into the room Jeffrey was all like look at me walking with no walker. It was like I was an idiot for bringing the walker, he walks all the time like this. Ha! Well, that was the first day he stopped using the walker. It was nice.
Dr. M. came in and he's so great with my boys.  Jeffrey really likes him because he messes with Jeff. The first thing he did was bring my skin and bones child to the scale. He picked him up and put him over his shoulder and was pretending to take him away. Jeffrey was cracking up! He came back from the scale slightly disappointed. Jeffrey is weighing in at a whopping 32 lbs!!! (That's sarcasm for those of you without kids! To put things into perspective my Jack who's 1 1/2 weighs like 25 lbs.)
So Dr. M. advises us to fatten this kid up. Well, good luck with that because we've been trying to do that since he was a baby. He recommended we do the same things now as he said to then, like feed him bacon, bacon fat, olive oil, extra butter...etc. Gross, right? He has always liked butter with his food, I mean like chunks of as a side. We don't give that to him, but lately he'll take the unmelted wad of butter from his waffle, veggies, oatmeal and just pick it up and eat it. (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth) The latest drink of choice...ready for this...? Chocolate milk, but not just any chocolate milk. It's 3 oz of whole milk, 3 oz of half and half (ew) all mixed with chocolate syrup! Then the doc mentions Haagen-Dazs ice cream and Tastykakes. Yum!! The very things I've been trying to avoid!!! Now, doctor's orders...they have to be in the house.
Jamie and I found ourselves at the breakfast table the other day saying, "Eat that bacon." Jeff requested more fruit. "You have to eat that bacon before you get any more apples or grapes!" What is wrong with this statement??
Our latest goals...grow good bone and fatten up our son. Gee, we wonder why obesity is a problem in our country!?


  1. 1) Try Bribery: you can have as many apples and grapes as you want if you eat that bacon!
    2) Extra calories is what he needs-doc is just recommending most energy -dense food he can think of. If you can get more calories in via healthy foods, I'm sure he would be thrilled; then when his metabolism slows down some day, he'll have healthy habits still.
    3) If the doctor is prescribing Haagen-Daz, take a cooler and go to Halo Farm in Lawrence, just off Business Route 1, right next to Trenton Farmers Market. Their ice cream is as rich as H-D, and in independent taste tests, tastes better! And it's a whole lot cheaper! They sell something like 30 flavors in pints; a few of the most popular also come in big tubs/pails. Great stuff!
    Going there would even work as a field trip for you and the boys-they bottle their own milk, and you can watch from a big picture window. You can also go to the Trenton Farmers Market right across the parking lot, although there's not as much there this time of year as during summer.
    Good luck!
    Ann's sister, Pat

  2. This is hilarious! More power to you, I have no restraint. When our 3.5 year old begs for donuts at the store I always say no because I am the one who ends up eating them... I feel your pain on the weight, Jackson is an exciting 28 lbs! If it's doc's orders then maybe I should let him get the donuts once in awhile and just tell him to hide them from me! Glad Jeffrey is getting his fixator off this month! So happy for you guys!