Monday, November 15, 2010


What a great morning!!!! Jeff and Jack were in great spirits!
Get this one! Jeff did great unwrapping, great in the shower and awesome wrapping during pincare!
Thumbs up for rockin' pincare!

Jamie was so great and inspirational with Jeffrey's pincare this weekend. He cut his hair, while Jeffrey cracked up. I failed to mention he put on a mask! They did pincare and showered all with Jeffrey cracking up. What can I say, my hubby is the man!
I think I just get caught up with getting it done and being frustrated that I don't have fun and let the poor kid be a kid.
Today I did my best to be calm and goofy. For some crazy reason it worked. In the shower Jeff wore his purple goggles and we let it rain with the shower head. Jack even joined us by taking his shirt off and playing in the water from outside of the tub. We all were laughing. This is how pincare should be everyday.
I know this post isn't that exciting, but I feel like I've been such a Debbie Downer that I had to share some happiness and success in the world of pincare.
Here's to the rest of a great day!!!

Here are a few random pictures of belly time: (belly time is what Jeffrey does 2x a day to help with his hip extension. He can't lay flat so letting gravity take it's course and stretching his muscle  by pulling his leg up are what we do!)

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  1. I was definitely weary of the Debbie Downing's about time you posting something positive! ha ha, you know I'm only kidding, but I better write it or all your friends will think I'm a real jerk.

    I see you were able to get a printable shot of all your boys! hahaha