Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Jack E.

My poor little man. He is so cute but he has my grace and agility. This basically means he's a mess and he's always hurting himself. He runs around the house and falls constantly. On Halloween night we were at a split level house and have gone up the concrete stairs to get there. My little Jack-in-the-box tumbled backward, head over heels down about 5 steps to a landing. Needless to say, Halloween night was over at that point. Luckily, he cried and didn't sustain any (noticeable) damage.
Jack in the Box :)
His little head scrape scabbing over

Then, a few days ago he ran into the door jam of the bathroom head first. He was running down the wood floor of the hallway and slipped on his socks. He fell head first, but his head slammed into the molding. I heard it, saw it and saw the aftermath. YIKES!!!
Nice lump, right?
This poor kid doesn't stand a chance! God love him!


  1. Schwantes Halloween costumes should always include helmets. Construction worker-in-a-box next year maybe.