Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Closure! One word to sum up the reason for the Monster Jam outing.
Jeffrey and his mom and dad ventured out in snow on January 8th to Trenton, NJ to view one loud, cold crazy truck show! We attended this show as a way to congratulate our strong boy and end his first lengthening.
Why is this "closure?"you may ask. Well, on the morning of July 21st, his first surgery, while in pre-op we watched our first monster jam on Speed tv. How great is that? What a way to relax our trucks!!! 5 months later, December 22nd, once we settled in our post-op hospital room what was on tv? Yep, you guessed it...Monster Trucks! 
Jeffrey was drawn to them. We had a bunch of toy monster trucks at home and learned all the names. Let's see them in real life!!!
Here's what we did and saw :)

Cotton candy
Nasty cotton candy wet fingers!

Quad Warz: New Jersey vs. New York

The drive home

The sleepy boy

The reenactment of Cannon Lady and Monster Jam when we got home that night :)
What a great day out with our boy!
Jeffrey even got his picture taken by with the driver of Grave Digger! Thanks Uncle Jay, Aunt Ann and Abbey for the awesome outfit!!

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  1. Here is the picture, but I think you need to cut and paste to your browser:

    Love you guys!