Thursday, July 7, 2016


Rewind to the day after surgery, epidural still in, iv's are in both hands, catheter in and Jeffrey mentions he needs to pee. Well, I was glad because that means he had some sensation to know he had to urinate. With a catheter it naturally empties one's bladder. He relaxed and let it flow. Well, when he did that the pressure caused the urine to leak out the sides of the tip and wetness was everywhere. All over the chuck underneath him and it pooled between his legs. It even wet his gauze where the incision is.
Cue the torture. Some of the tape had to be pulled back to change the dressing. Once that was done, some blisters were revealed and that freaked Jeffrey out. "Don't peel any more tape!!"

This is the crease between his belly and his right left (groin area)
That was just the beginning of the awful pain. The nurses decided to pull the foley and place a larger one in. I think the anxiety paired with the pain sensation was awful for a 9 year old.  He got a pump of epidural, a dose of Oxycodone, and some Diazepam (aka Valium). 
He was all worked up and upset, but then once he calmed down he started having loopy side effects. One slightly alarming habit formed. He twirled his hair and would pull some pieces out. We would try to redirect his need to do that by keeping his hands busy with appropriate actions, like twirling the tiger's tail.

Let's hope this memory gets repressed for him.
(Note to self, don't let Jeffrey read this blog until he's much older and done his surgeries.)

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