Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Night Before and Day of

Tuesday night ended with a rough baseball all star game for Jeffrey. We wanted him to be able to play baseball as long as he could this summer. It was great to have a large cheering section for Jeffrey. His aunts and cousins were rooting on the East Greenwich Majors. Jeffrey started the game on the mound and threw some sweet pitches. The game ended around 8ish with a loss. The boys were bummed, but Jeffrey shed tears for a completely different reason.
   After the game, Jeffrey's head hung low with quiet wetness dripping down his cheeks. I asked my ball player if he was sad because of the loss or because of surgery. He said, "Surgery. I don't want it to hurt." His Aunt Kimmy started tearing up, so in typical emotional mom fashion, my eyes welled up and I hugged my big brave boy tightly.
   With well wishes from parents and teammates, we headed home, dropping Jack off to Grandmom on the way. We grabbed some last minute travel items while Jeffrey showered, then we headed to Baltimore. 
   Since we had to be at the hospital to register by 6:30 am we slept at the Hackerman Patz House.

Fast Forward through sleep til 5:45 am. 
No food or drink. 

6:25 am: registered at Sinai

6:50 am: headed up to Rubin Institute of Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO) to get pre-surgery xrays
(only the whole room was empty because it was super early and no one was there yet)
7:30 am: xrays

7:45 am: measured by Jeremy for his hip orthosis brace

8:20 am: pre-op

2:30 pm: recovery
Saw Dr. Standard and Ms. Marilyn in recovery
4:00 pm: brought to a hospital room 3103
4:40 pm: ate one very filling Saltine (not using his hands though because they are still numb and heavy from the i.v.)
6:15 pm: felt feverish/sweaty and looked pale
This got us super nervous because we thought maybe his blood count was low and he would need transfusion. Turned out all was fine. 

6:45 pm: feeling better and attempting to eat pancakes and scrambled eggs (thanks, dad, for feeding the patient)

That night was a long night with broken sleep due to vitals being checked every four hours and blood being taken at 4:30 am. That was fun. Poor Jeffrey. At least this is all temporary! 
I'll leave you with one little remark from this guy, "She wasn't very gentle." He was referring to the nurse taking his blood samples. Too much, this kid!


  1. Oh, such a trooper! My eyes welled up when he said he didn't want it to hurt! My boy with fh is six, and may be due for a lengthining (oh my I can't even spell it!) in a couple years. Dr Standard (and Ms Marilyn!) is such a blessing. Even though I don't know you, I'm thinking of you!

    1. Martha, thank you so much. I know this is just a short moment in Jeffrey's long, active life. It's only hard in the now. He really is a trooper. Do you live nearby? Please keep me posted with your son's situation.

  2. Hi again. We are up in Connecticut and my husbands office is outside Philadelphia. I'm happy to hear Jefferys surgery was shorter and recovery too!

  3. Jill, Jeffrey really is.a trooper. Yes I teared up reading what he said. You guys are very strong parents and he is very lucky to.have you both. All will be fine, and he will probably be like my Johnny and talk about it like it was no big deal. Best of luck. Keep posting.

    1. By the way that post is from Patty Austn. Sorry

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