Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deja vu!'s almost as if I said, "Hey Jack, I have nothing to blog about. Isn't that a shame?" And then he responds with this...
Jack e. in May

Jeffrey in February
Jack begins to wail on Monday about his big tootsie-toe, "IT HURTS!!"
Last weekend, I noticed Jack had the top half of his toe nail missing and it looked irritated. The day after that it had a little blood around it. Okay, he stubbed it, bit it, picked it, banged it...something. I don't know. Walking around he complains a little, but tubbies, WOAH tubbies!!! He gets so mad at me when I have to wash it or take the bandaid off.
With all this fussiness, and my gut, I decided to finally take him to the doctor's today. Good thing I did.
Our little Jack e. boy has cellulitis. That's right! You heard me. He's competing with Jeffrey and his big toe. What's up with these kids?
So...we started washing with antibacterial soap (Jeffrey's left over Dial), taking oral antibiotics (just like Jeff), but Jack gets to soak in iodine, then peroxide and get lathered with Bacitracin. 
And if that doesn't work over this holiday weekend, you might ask,...podiatrist visit for a possible in-grown toe nail and draining. Awesome! Let's hope this regimen knocks out whatever infection Jack has festering in his toe.
Fingers crossed, enjoy your holiday with healthy toes :)

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