Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Training

Jeffrey James was so eager to begin his training as a tee ball player for East Greenwich Township. The team met on Friday night. They ate, shared some info, high-fived and practiced running bases inside the Little Red Schoolhouse.

Today marked the first real on-field tee ball practice. It was the cutest thing in sports I've ever seen. The team arrived, did some stretching and running and began their practice by breaking up into groups to learn the basics: hitting and throwing.
Jamie loaded his big boy up with his back pack.

The boys followed daddy to the practice field.

Stretch those arms. Now there's a concept, stretching an upper extremity :)

Running past Coach Jamie, a.k.a Daddy

Practice swings

Jack e. boy wanting to pass time with mommy by seeing himself in pictures

"Look, Mommy! I jump!"

"Jumpa, jumpa, jumpa!"

"I wanna pay beesball"

"I ga a hemet"

Jack trying to sneak in a hit

Jeffrey fielding balls

Check out that face!

Jeffrey asked Daddy for an after practice practice. He wanted to have a catch with the tee ball and then hit while Daddy pitches. Assistant Coach Jamie gladly obliged and enjoyed it as much, if not more, than Jeff.

Packed up and headed home

It was such a sweet moment watching Jamie and our boys doing something they love. I can't wait to see what great things will come for our Jeffrey throughout this season.


  1. Just so precious!! It brought happy tears to my eyes!! Have a GREAT season!! :):)

  2. Yay for baseball season! Way to go Jeffrey!!! <3